CheckoutWC - Optimized Checkout Pages for WooCommerce

CheckoutWC - Optimized Checkout Pages for WooCommerce v5.3.7

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Download CheckoutWC v5.3.7 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.7 - 2021.09.15

  • New - Bumped minimum PHP version to 7.1 since one of our existing dependencies already required PHP 7.1, setting an implicit minimum version.
  • Fix - Fix bug with WooCommerce payments where the radio button for selecting credit card disappeared.
  • Fix - Fix bug where shipping methods were blocked and wouldn't unblock
  • Fix - Fix for Avada thank you page and view order page
  • Fix - Fix for Avada styling of HTML element
  • Fix - Fix for WooCommerce Gift Cards and coupon code AJAX. Now uses native WooCommerce AJAX for applying coupons.
  • Fix - Fix a poorly translated French phrase.
  • Fix - Fix up WooCommerce Shipment Tracking output and remove duplication
  • Fix - Move theme styles / scripts suppression code outside of CompatbilityAbstract so it only runs once.
  • Fix - Fix issue with whitespace on the right side of page on iPhones when using WooCommerce PayPal Payments
  • Fix - Don't show optional in placeholder for fields that Brazillian Market changes
  • Improved - Added filter for distraction free portal template redirect priority: cfw_template_redirect_priority
  • Improved - Added filter for disabling existing account lookup by email: cfw_enable_account_exists_check
  • Improved - Run initial AJAX update on page load faster (same speed as WooCommerce native checkout page)
  • Improved - Added filter for determining when an order bump displays: cfw_display_bump
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Download CheckoutWC v5.3.6 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.6 - 2021.09.03

  • Improved - Tightened up timing of first AJAX refresh on checkout page to match core WooCommerce.
  • Improved - Added support for Post NL 4.x
  • Improved - If no valid shipping methods are available we now hide the 'Continue to payment' button to avoid confusion
  • Fix - Fix issue with thank you page and Avada theme
  • Fix - Protect against null cart items causing fatal error
  • Fix - Fix order bumps fetch to include more than 5 items.
  • Fix - Fix Klaviyo bug that caused the SMS notice to be separated from the checkbox.
  • Fix - Fix Klaviyo bug where SMS checkbox had same name as newsletter checkbox.
  • Fix - Fix potential styling issues with WooCommerce PayPal Payments when "Pay in X" notice is present
  • Fix - Fix duplicated checkboxes with latest Klaviyo plugin update. (Please update Klaviyo after installing this release)
  • Tweak - Slightly changed output position of Klaviyo checkboxes.
  • Tweak - Added $mobile boolean variable to cfw_before_coupon_module action
Download CheckoutWC v5.3.5 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.5 - 2021.08.20

  • Improved - Support WooCommerce 5.6.0 built in support for Shipping Phone field.
  • Improved - Add compatibility for WooCommerce Gift Cards coupon input add-on plugin
  • Improved - Switch Amazon Pay logo to SVG for vector retina rendering goodness.
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Download CheckoutWC v5.3.4 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.4 - 2021.08.04

Fix - Fix express checkout button rendering for WooCommerce payments.
Download CheckoutWC v5.3.2 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.2 - 2021.07.21

  • New - Futurist theme now has full access to breadcrumb color settings
  • Improved - Added cfw_klaviyo_output_hook filter to determine where Klaviyo outputs its stuff
  • Improved - Added cfw_shipping_free_text filter to set the text when shipping is free
  • Fix - Fix issue with location of cfw_before_payment_method_heading action and fragment updates
  • Fix - Update German translation of promo code
  • Fix - Fix issue with mismatched label and placeholder for fields like post code based on country locale strings from WooCommerce core
Download CheckoutWC v5.3.1 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.1 - 2021.07.10

  • Fix - Fix issue where company field didn't trigger a refresh.
  • Fix - Fix cart summary mobile background color with new settings scheme. Added a new Cart Summary Mobile Background Color setting
  • Fix - Fix issue where current order status was not reflected when viewing an order if the current status was not set as one of the status progressions in the Thank You Page settings.
Download CheckoutWC v5.3.0 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.3.0 - 2021.07.6

This is a pretty big release! As always, we recommend testing on a staging site before updating your live site!
  • New - Added new address autocomplete service - Fetchify!
  • New - Filter WooCommerce Admin orders screen by whether the order contains Order Bumps.
  • New - New color settings for breadcrumbs and accent colors.
  • New - Refactored color settings to use Custom CSS Properties.
  • New - It's now possible to remove cart items that don't have an adjustable quantity.
  • New - Added option to CheckoutWC > General to hide the CheckoutWC admin menu bar button on non-CheckoutWC pages.
  • Improved - Added cfw_is_thank_you_page_active() function to let developers determine if the thank you page is turned on.
  • Improved - Fields with attribute data-persist=false won't be locally cached with Garlic.
  • Improved - JS build target moved from es5 to es2015.
  • Improved - Changing company field now refreshes checkout since it is visible in the order review panes.
  • Fix - Fix issue with account exists checks running even when login form was set to use WooCommerce login.
  • Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments fields rendering with the wrong size.
  • Fix - Fix visual glitch with rounded borders on accordions (shipping methods, payment methods, billing address) that caused the border to have a small white break at the corners
  • Fix - Fix issues with SmartyStreets and address_2
  • Fix - Fix issue with Klaviyo checkbox being output twice.
  • Fix - Fix issue with order bump not showing if offer product stock wasn't managed.
  • Fix - Fix issue with Php Snippets and the backslash character.
  • Fix - Fix PHP warning with WooCommerce Square gateway
  • Fix - Fix refactored how we handle shipping totals to more accurately display conditions such as no shipping methods being available, especially when using more than one shipping package.
  • Fix - If value exists on page load, don't override it with Garlic.
  • Fix - Removed cfw-field-persistence-loaded JS event since it didn't work.
  • Fix - Fix issue with CartFlows React UI.
  • Fix - Fix issue where billing_email didn't match logged in user's email.
  • Fix - Fix mobile styling issue with WooCommerce notices that contain buttons.
  • Fix - Fix issue with Parsley field validation message translation and Weglot.
Download CheckoutWC v5.2.4 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.2.4 - 2021.07.02 - Thanks To @TassieNZ
Hotfix - Fix issue with Avada 7.3.1
Download CheckoutWC v5.2.3 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.2.3 - 2021.06.15

Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce Germanized checkboxes next to the place order button
Download CheckoutWC v5.2.0 - Optimized Checkout Page for WooCommerce Nulled Free
v5.2.0 - 2021.06.10 Thanks To @TassieNZ

  • New - Order Bumps can now be configured to show if one or more category of products is in the cart!
  • New - Support for ConverKit for WooCommerce
  • Improved - If an Order Bump becomes invalid because the cart changed, we "undiscount" the bump until the cart satisfies the bump conditions.
  • Improved - Added JavaScript validation to Order Bumps editor.
  • Improved - When showing discounts on cart items, render Order Bumps price correctly.
  • Fix - Fix issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments that caused the PayPal buttons not to appear.
  • Fix - You can no longer select a variable product parent as an offer product.
  • Fix - Bumps cannot satisfy the display conditions for other bumps.
  • Fix - Fix compatibility with woocommerce_checkout_redirect_empty_cart and woocommerce_checkout_update_order_review_expired hooks.
  • Fix - Added a workaround for and order review step
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