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  • You MUST read the Babiato Rules before making your first post otherwise you may get permanent warning points or a permanent Ban.

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= v1.7.6 =

* Profiles - Fixed change password critical issue
* Forums - Fixed issue with discussion tags not getting saved on update
* Activity - Fixed forum discussion activity > quick reply > upload media access control issue
* Activity - Fixed activity permission issue when group privacy changes from Public to Private and vice versa
* Activity - Fixed URL preview attachment deletion issue on deleting activity
* Activity - Fixed activity comment more options dropdown UI issue
* Media - Fixed video issue on specific servers by handling symbolic link file extension
* Media - Fixed photos directory create album popup UI issue
* Media - Fixed profile upload photos minor UI issue
* Media - Fixed video thumbnail issue for iPhone device
* Media - Small code enhancement to check if symlink function disabled on the server
* Messages - Fixed message thread performance issue by not loading all members at once
* Connections - Fixed members widget issue when connection component disabled
* Member Access Controls - Fixed notification email issue getting sent to the suspended members
* Network Search - Fixed members count in search results when profile type set to hidden
* Registration - Fixed forgot password issue when Group component disabled
* Widgets - Fixed 'Members I am Following' and 'Members Following Me' widget settings issue
* Coding Standards - Improved SQL queries
* Coding Standards - Small improvement to escape attribute in the network search template
* Elementor - Fixed Elementor conflict with forums parent option in admin
* REST API - Fixed long thread performance issue in messages endpoint
* REST API - Fixed messages thread members performance issue in API
* Compatibility - Fixed 'WP Offload Media' plugin PDF document preview not generated issue
* Compatibility - Fixed 'WP Offload Media' plugin general compatibility issues
* Compatibility - Fixed 'Events Manager' plugin conflict
* Compatibility - Fixed 'ACF Frontend Pro' plugin critical issue
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.7.5 Nulled Free
= v1.7.5 =

* Moderation - Added moderation support for the Video module
* Moderation - Improvements to report media instead of reporting activity post internally
* Moderation - Fixed issue showing hidden media on edit activity post
* Profiles - Fixed edit profile repeater field issue not allowing to add new instance
* Profiles - Fixed duplicate fields issue in the admin when adding too many at once from the edit profile screen
* Groups - Fixed issue to not show My Group tab in Videos and Photos directory page when Group component disabled
* Forums - Fixed discussion pagination issue when 'Discussions by Last Post' configured
* Media - Fixed minor issue with .m4v video support
* GamiPress - Fixed gamipress badges UI issue in the activity feed
* Compatibility - Fixed moderation conflict with Avada Builder Plugin
* REST API - Fixed Repeater field issue in the API endpoint
* REST API - Fixed API issue when Push Notification component disabled
* REST API - Provided embeddable report link for media, document, and video in the API endpoint
* REST API - Fixed Group type issue in the Groups endpoints showing HTML markup
* REST API - Fixed API compatibility issue also with Avada Builder Plugin
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Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.7.3 Nulled Free
= v1.7.3 =

* Profiles - Fixed profile action button minor UI issue
* LearnDash - Fixed compatibility issue with 'LearnDash LMS - Course Grid' plugin
* LearnDash - Fixed Learndash issue to show right participants count in lesson sidebar
* LearnDash - Fixed issue with lesson sidebar scroll in responsive view
* LearnDash - Fixed draft course preview issue with featured image layout
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.7.2 Nulled Free
= v1.7.2 =

* Moderation - Added styling to show Report button less prominent in the dropdown for all content types
* Forums - Fixed critical issue on deactivating BuddyBoss Platform
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.7.1.1 Nulled Free
= v1.7.1.1 =

* Activity - Fixed critical error when Forums component disabled
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.7.0.1 Nulled Free
= v1.7.0.1 =

* Compatibility - Improved tablet view for BuddyBoss Mobile App
Big THANK YOU to @NullMaster for NULLING! :love:

== Changelog ==

= 1.7.0 =
* Videos - Added styling for new Videos features from BuddyBoss Platform
* Notifications - Added styling for new On-Screen Notifications features from BuddyBoss Platform
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.6.7.2 Nulled Free
= v1.6.7.2 =

* Theme Options - Provided TikTok, Telegram, and ClubHouse options for footer Social Links
Download BuddyBoss - Platform Theme v1.6.7.1 Nulled Free
= v1.6.7.1 = Thanks To @lijoe

* Forums - Fixed media link embed issue in Forum discussion and replies
Big THANK YOU to @NullMaster for NULLING! :love:

= 1.6.7 =
* Theme Options - Fixed important issue to clear transient on theme update
* GamiPress - Fixed blocks alignment compatibility issues with 'GamiPress - BuddyBoss integration'
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
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