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Brizy Pro - WordPress Builder Plugin v2.3.21

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Download Brizy Pro v2.3.21 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.21 - 2022-01-17 =

* Fixed: Color and align for text element
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.20 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.20 - 2022-01-14 =

* Fixed: Load One Site License admin notice only on multisite
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Download Brizy Pro v2.3.19 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.19 - 2022-01-10 =

* New: Added spacing for text in timeline
* Fixed: Do not opened PromptConditions when make it global on a simple page
* Fixed: Image toolbar with dynamic content
* Fixed: Sanitize the white label prefix
* Fixed: WPML Menu switcher is missing from Brizy pages
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.18 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.18 - 2021-12-20 =

* New: Archive for title and excerpt
* Fixed: Text gradient in safari
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.17 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.17 - 2021-12-13 =

* Fixed: MegaMenu Drag and Drop
* Fixed: Popup v1 alignment
* Fixed: Carousel dots style on 2021 theme
* Fixed: The canonical URL for brizy pagination
* Fixed: Use original URL of the image when featured image is used as background
* Updated: Exclude WP navigation from simple page
* Improved: TranslatePress compatibility for the Menu element
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Download Brizy Pro v2.3.15 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.15 - 2021-11-09 =

* Improved: Changed the default Twitter handle when you added it to the page
* Improved: Changed icon in toolbar for Navigation
* Fixed: Regex for some placeholders in Dynamic content
* Fixed: Carousel sidebar for mobile and tablet
* Fixed: Gallery sidebar for responsive
* Fixed: The lines in the timeline element now connect correctly on mobile
* Fixed: Changed default paragraph text value for Carousel
* Fixed: Alt attribute for logo on dynamic content
* Fixed: Show and Hide posts title on navigation post on single post
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Download Brizy Pro v2.3.14 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.14 - 2021-10-18 =

* Improved: Show display conditions popup on setting a global Block
* Improved: Active tags hover behavior for Posts element
* Improved: White label options, removed Brizy from custom font upload
* New: 9 design layout packs
* New: Added categories in Posts element
* Fixed: Story text and images flickering on different devices
* Fixed: Some PRO layouts are displaying in the FREE category
* Fixed: File upload on Lottie element
* Fixed: Nested Switcher elements
* Fixed: Styles issues for nested Switcher elements
* Fixed: Menu element font broken by Twenty Twenty-One theme
* Fixed: UI issues when Dynamic content is larger in toolbar
* Fixed: Mega Menu hover transition
* Fixed: Content alignment when you activate membership options in Footer blocks
* Fixed: Dynamic content value in Countdown element
* Fixed: Close option hover on Image Gallery lightbox
* Fixed: Post loop setup global post on every iteration
* Fixed: Added back the post tags placeholder
* Fixed: Product short description does not work in the products element
* Fixed: Woocommerce Product Bundle plugin failed to open stream
* Fixed: Renamed brizy_dc_post_tags to brizy_dc_post_terms and changed it according to its name
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.13 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.13 - 2021-09-16 =

* Fixed: Shortcodes Element in popup
* Fixed: Mega Menu preview position
* Fixed: Options toolbar position inside Sticky Header
* Improved: Mega Menu passive events on touch
* Improved: Page loading speed on preview when you have custom fonts on your page
* Fixed: False positives malware File Found notifications
* Fixed: Brizy Yoast pagination incompatibility
* Fixed: Post Loop, Pagination, Tags refactoring
* Fixed: Apply do_shortcode in the post loop on every item
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.11 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.11 - 2021-08-26 =

* Fixed: Editor for Internal Popup
Download Brizy Pro v2.3.10 - WordPress Builder Plugin Nulled Free
= v2.3.10 - 2021-08-24 =

* Fixed: Global popup bug
* Fixed: Icon link in Story
* Fixed: Mega Menu secondary level bug
* Fixed: Hamburger Menu on mobile bug
* Fixed: Mobile menu bug when using Astra theme
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