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Version 2.2.13, 05th November 2020

ERROR RESOLVED Script Blocker could not be created in rare cases. Kudos to Constantin, who found the bug!
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Download Borlabs Cookie v2.2.12 - Cookie Opt-in Nulled Free
Version 2.2.12,
19th October 2020
  • ERROR RESOLVED Path in cache path notice corrected.
Version 2.2.11, 19th October 2020
  • IMPROVED Compatibility with MySQL Strict mode.
  • IMPROVED Default SameSite attribute set to Lax.
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Version 2.2.10, 17th September 2020
  • ERROR RESOLVED Settings of a cookie could not be passed completely to JavaScript.
Download Borlabs Cookie v2.2.9 - Cookie Opt-in Nulled Free
Version 2.2.9, 01st September 2020

  • IMPROVED compatibility with Avada.
  • IMPROVED h3-Tags removed from Cookie Box.
  • ERROR RESOLVED Enabled VoiceOver blocked the website from Borlabs Cookie 2.2 onwards.
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