Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress

Booked - Appointment Booking for WordPress v2.3

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Download Booked v2.3 - Appointment Booking for WordPress Nulled Free
= v2.3 =

* **TWEAK:** All add-ons are now part of the core Booked plugin. No need to install or keep those installed separately anymore. You can safely delete them from your Plugins page (they will be deactivated automatically when Booked is updated to 2.3+).
* **TWEAK:** Moved WooCommerce and Calendar Feeds screens into the Settings panel.
* **FIX:** Fixed some security issues when adding/editing appointments from the admin screen.
Download Booked v2.2.6 - Appointment Booking for WordPress Nulled Free
= v2.2.6 =

* **FIX:** Minor CSS fixes to Booked admin form fields.
* **FIX:** Fixed vulnerabilities with CSV export and admin AJAX calls.
* **FIX:** Fixed a fairly rare PHP error related to CSS compression.
Download Booked v2.2.5 - Appointment Booking for WordPress Nulled Free

  • NEW: Admin screens design refresh.
  • FIX: Fixed the broken documentation links on the What's New page.
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes
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Download Booked v2.2.4 - Appointment Booking for WordPress Nulled
XSS Vulnerability Fixes
Download Booked v2.2.3 - Appointment Booking for WordPress Free Nulled
Added a new "booked_sessions_enabled" filter for developers to disable sessions (set to "true" by default).
Download Booked v2.2.2 - Appointment Booking for WordPress
Fixed a minor wording issue when "Hide time slots" is checked.
FIX: Fixed conflicts with other login forms if credentials are wrong.
Download Booked v2.2.1 - Appointment Booking for WordPress
Fixed an issue with the Settings page timing out if you have a lot of users.
Download Booked v2.2 - Appointment Booking for WordPress
= 2.2 =

* **FIX:** Approval emails were not sending to customers from Admin-created appointments.
* **FIX:** Confirmation emails were not sending to guests from front-end created appointments.
* **FIX:** Fixed some translation issues on the front-end calendar.
* **FIX:** CSS fixes for calendar table and switcher dropdown.