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The Simplest Way for Your Customers to Edit Their Websites...EVER!
Live Editor PRO makes it so easy for customers to edit their websites, even 1st graders can do it!

Make It Easy for Customers to Edit Their Websites

Live Editor PRO is a solution for developers who need a simple, super user-friendly tool, that allows their customers to:

Update & Edit Websites Without Being Techie
Now, your customers can easily update their websites without having to access the page builder. They’ll avoid the head-banging frustration of trying to understand all of the modules and various settings. They’ll make the changes they want, and get back to running their business, thinking your service is incredible.

Manage Roles with Ease too!
Limit your customers’ access based on their user role. You can give them full control to edit any text, image, links, backgrounds and icons, OR lock them out of specific elements you don’t want them to have access to. Just select the element, click the lock icon in the tool bar, click done, then publish…it’s that easy!

Providing Peace of Mind Creates Happy Subscribers
Your potential customers are concerned their new sites will be too complicated to maintain and one wrong click would mean they could break their site.
After a simple demonstration of Live Editor PRO, your prospects will see that it’s nearly impossible to break their new site.
Providing your prospects with this peace of mind will remove serious objections to your websites and/or WaaS. This will pave the way for happy customers and recurring revenue for your business.

Switch Template Designs Without Losing Changes
Live Editor PRO is integrated to work seamlessly with Content Editor PRO which allows you to switch templates without losing content. Since content on pages is provided by ‘short vars’, customers can change template designs without losing custom changes…as long as you’ve used the same ‘short vars’ across templates.
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