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Download Asset CleanUp Pro - Performance WordPress Plugin Nulled Free Premium
Upgrading to the premium plugin allows you to unload unused styles & scripts on extra pages such as:
  • Taxonomy pages such as default WordPress’ categories, tags and custom created ones such as products’ categories from WooCommerce.
  • Author pages (e.g. the page showing all posts published by a specific author, detected via is_author() function)
  • Default WordPress Search Page
  • WooCommmerce Search Page (which has the same settings as the actual shop page detected via is_shop() function)
  • 404 Page (Not Found): this one has be as light as possible and it’s less likely that many of the CSS and JavaScript files that are needed here (detected via is_404() function)
  • Date Archive Page: this is any page that retrieves articles filtered by the date, detected via is_date() function
As for the loaded JavaScript files, attributes such as defer and async can be applied
There are a plethora of techniques that are often used to defer parsing; however, the simple and preferred technique is to simply Defer loading of JavaScript until it is needed. If this technique isn’t appropriate to use on your page, it is next suggested that you use the <script async> attribute where appropriate, which prevents parsing from blocking the initial page load by deferring it until the browser’s UI thread is not busy doing something else. All these settings can be applied with Asset CleanUp Pro without writing any code.

Change the location of the CSS/JS files (could be moved from HEAD to BODY to prevent render-blocking or vice-versa if you need early triggering of specific files)

⚙️ “Test Mode” Functionality → Worried about making optimization mistakes? Don’t be anymore!
This allows you to optimize the website (unload useless files, set async, defer to loaded JavaScript files, clean up HTML code) without applying the changes “live” (to the regular visitor) in case you ever have any doubts that a change could break the functionality of the page/website. Any changes you’ve done will only be applied for you (the logged in administrator). Once you’re happy with how the page looks and works, you can disable “Test Mode” to push the changes live so everyone else can enjoy the faster page loads
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