[Andrew] Moderator Panel

[Andrew] Moderator Panel 1.4.0

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[Andrew] Moderator Panel v1.4.0 Changelog :
  • ADDED: Dashboard blocks containing useful data
  • ADDED: Collapse carets on dashboard headers
  • ADDED: Recent user notes to dashboard
  • ADDED: Ability for admins to set layout of the dashboard and exclude any module
  • FIXED: Title of a misspelled phrase
  • FIXED: User notes page was called Recent user notes, changed to User notes
  • FIXED: Remove moderation phrase was not configured for this add-on
  • FIXED: Better use of macros on dashboard
[Andrew] Moderator Panel v1.3.2 Changelog :
  • ADDED: Discourage and Remove discourage to moderator tools drop down
  • ADDED: Moderate and Remove moderate to moderator tools drop down
  • ADDED: Link to content in moderator logs
  • FIXED: Put lists into macros to help remove future duplicate code
  • FIXED: Phrase in most warned users list was "Warnings" opposed to "warnings"
  • FIXED: Changed compatibility to include beta 1 version of XF2.2 instead of XF2.2.0
  • FIXED: IP addresses in moderator log now require existing View IP Addresses permission to view
  • FIXED: Inconsistent page titles on logs
  • FIXED: Template issues with user change log
  • FIXED: Pagination appears on user change log of user file
  • FIXED: List not giving message when empty
  • FIXED: Message to display when lists are empty instead of column headers
  • FIXED: Duplicate code to better follow DRY standards
  • FIXED: Missing moderator panel menu on report search