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AMP Insta Mobile | Mobile Google AMP Template v1.3

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Download Free AMP Insta Mobile | Mobile Google AMP Template ThemeForest 20398389
AMP Insta is a Google AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Project ) Website Template designed to make your page load faster and rank higher in Google Mobile search results. Google AMP Pages show up with the lightning icon in the search results and load instantly when tapped on.
AMP Insta Includes 50 custom built Pages:

  • 4 Gallery Styles ( Round, Squared and Wide Thumbnails and Project Selected)
  • 3 Portfolio Styles ( 1 Column, 2 Column and Project Selected )
  • 5 News Templates ( Homepage, Article Lists, Article Posts, Article Cards )
  • 5 Cover Page Splash Screens
  • 2 Profile Page Styles ( Classic & Modern Design )
  • 404 & Coming Soon Pages
  • 4 Homepage Styles ( Classic Homepage, Landing Homepage, News Styled Homepage, Splash Homepage )
  • 1 Fully Working AMP Contact Form.
  • Font Awesome Integrated.
Classic AMP Plugins are styled to look gorgeous in AMP Insta:
  • Accordions
  • Carousels
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, YouTube)
  • Lightbox
  • Google Maps
  • Social Sharing
Custom Built Features that are just a simple Copy & Paste
  • Buttons
  • Columns
  • Dividers
  • Headings
  • Inputs
  • Quotes
  • Typography Elements ( Dropcaps, Heading Styles, Highlights, Lists ) \
How do I use this Template?
AMP is incredibly simple to use. It’s just copy and paste and it includes the basic HTML everyone knows and loves. Google requires all CSS styles to be inline, but, we’ve created an innovative system that relies on 1 line of PHP that will allow you to keep the style.css outside, just like any other HTML website, yet still be 100% Google AMP Valid
Can I redirect my Desktop Site to the AMP Version? Is it complicated?

Absolutely not. Google offers “canonical links". Simply search on Google for “AMP Canonical” and you’ll get a step by step tutorial by Google on how to achieve this. It’s literally one link with the rel="canonical” tag added to it.
Will my rank in Search Results increase because of Google AMP?
Google started ranking mobile pages based on their speed as well as content. This is very important if you aim to reach a higher rank in search results. By using Google AMP you no longer have to worry about optimizing the speed of your page. Just make your page AMP valid and Google will take care of the rest!
Do I need to manually add my Google AMP Page to some place for it to appear in Google search?
No. Google automatically indexes AMP pages and shows them in results if you used the canonical links or not. Just be sure to wait a few days ( up to two weeks ) for your AMP Page to be indexed.
I’m having trouble with the Contact Form, it doesn’t seem to work?
As you can see in the preview, the contact form is 100% functional. In our experience, 99.9% of the times Hosts are to blame for poor settings. Be sure to read the documentation chapter on contact form and get in touch with your host if you’re having trouble with the form. We can guarantee it works and has been working for all our customers that are using our AMP products.
AMP Insta is a Google AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Project ) Website Template, which means it’s solely designed to run on Mobile Devices. It is not recommended to use Google AMP for desktop websites.
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