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3 August 20

- added documentation folder in install
- Fixed definition and use of Str class
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version: 3.1 (31/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New payment gateway payhere integrated
- Custom page issue fixed
- Pickup point 500 issues fixed
- System timezone option added
- Some other minor bug fixed
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version : 3.0- 08/07/2020

Improvements & Bug solving
- Checkout issue solved
- Shipping country search option during adding shipping address.
- Customer, seller dashboard saved shipping info issue solved
- Product page sharing links updated
version: 2.9 (01/07/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- New address book for customers.
- The custom page creates options.
- New shipping cost options. Flat rate + seller wise flat-rate option.
- Seller product edit from the admin panel issue fixed.
- Staff add email duplicate issue fixed.
- Classified package purchase missing payment option added.
- Product Search on seller panel.
- Order filtering on the seller.
- Country select for shipping address in the admin panel.
- Refund sticker issue in product details fixed.
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version: 2.8 (12/06/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Digital Products
- Missing translation keys added

Active eCommerce CMS + 2 addon -refund+affilate
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v2.6 (20/05/2020)

Improvements & Bug solving
- Speed optimize - render blocking resources improved
- Added support for mobile app
- Sticky header
- Review bug fix
- Classified package purchase bug fix
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version : 2.1 (27/03/2020) Thanks To @ceres59
Bug fixes & improvements

- Product details page response issue fixed
- Translation missing key added.
- Icon font issue fixed.
- Addon installation issue fixed
- Variant product quantity issue fixed
- Some rtl & ui issue fixed
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